Destinations in the surroundings

Vio is located to the north east of the medieval city of Spoleto which belonged to one of the most important cities of Umbria for centuries. Umbria is called „the green heart of Italy”. The Valnerina national park is the best proof for this. However, the region is not only admired for its beautiful landscape! Culinary delicacies such as truffles, pecorino cheese, prosciutto or wild boar salami are renowned all over the world.


Here you can find a little Alimentari for your daily needs as well as restaurants and a gas station.


The little town of Sellano can be reached within 10 driving minutes. It has two little supermarkets, a pharmacy, a post office, a few cafés and pizzerias.


Spoleto is a medieval city which has a lot of culture and culinary specialties to offer: buildings worth seeing, romantic side-streets of the historic district, nice restaurants and beautiful boutiques. They all invite you to take a stroll and dwell for a while. Each year, the “Festival dei Due Mondi“ (Festival of the two worlds) takes place. This is a well-known cultural event which offers performances of opera, theatre, and ballet as well as music concerts, movie presentations and exhibitions. (

Monte Falco

Monte Falco is an Umbrian wine-growing-district with many wineries and the pretty city of Bevagna.


Foligno is an important commercial district and a central junction of the southern Valle Umbria. It is also home to an airport. This larger city has many shops and restaurants and is the perfect place for larger shopping tours.


Assisi is the birthplace of Franz von Assisi and an important place of pilgrimage. The medieval townscape with its town wall and the fortress ruins of Rocca Maggiore is in good condition and was declared to a world-heritage cultural site by the UNESCO in the year 2000.


Perugia is the capital city of Umbria. The medieval city will charm you with its breathtaking view across the mountain chain of the Apennine, the Lago di Trasimeno and the fertile valley of the Tiber. The cosmopolitan city of Perugia with almost 170.000 inhabitants is known for its cultural treasures, historical traditions and mouth-watering delicacies. Annually, the „Umbria Jazz Festival“ takes place in the summer. This festival is known as one of the best of its kind throughout Europe. (

Day trips

For those who like to explore a little bit more, it is possible to take a day trip to Civitanova which is located on the Adria. It will take you approximately 95 minutes by car. You can then enjoy your day at the sea. 
The Valnerina Nationalpark and the wild and romantic Nera valley can be discovered during a bike trip or hike. 
The Lago Trasimeno close to Perugia is a favorite recreational area which offers many possibilities to go swimming. 
Or, you can spend the day in the “Eternal City” of Rome: from Spoleto, you can reach Italy’s capital by train in one and a half hours.